姜联,(Alliance · Action Cut,1991年1月19日— )生于四川绵阳,演员、导演、监制、制片人、出品人。绵阳微电影协会创始人、四川联辉影业有限公司董事局主席兼CEO、互聯網影視產業集團总裁、中国影视娱乐首席品牌官。


  • Alliance · Action Cut
  • December 04, 1990
  • jianglian1990
  • 0816-8335220
  • jianglian@mv2008.com
  • Fucheng city by leaps the northern section of road no. 109


  • 成立四川联辉影业有限公司担任董事长2017-09-19

    Sichuan Lianhui Film Co., Ltd. was established as chairman

    联辉影业公司致力于打造影视娱乐文化产业一站式综合服务平台,集网络剧、微电影、网综节目、网络电影、纪录片、原创短片、院线电影、VR视频、影视基地、文化产业、项目孵化、影视制作、品牌营销、投资融资、宣传发行、人才培养、联合出品、非/独家合作为一体综合服务平台。(Lianhui Film Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a one-stop comprehensive service platform for film, entertainment and cultural industries. It is comprised of online drama, micro-movie, internet comprehensive program, internet movie, documentary, original video, cinema, VR video, , Project incubation, film and television production, brand marketing, investment and financing, publicity and distribution, personnel training, joint production, non / exclusive cooperation as one integrated service platform.)国家企业信用信息公示系统联辉影业公司官网

  • 荣获中国加拿大梦想拍电影青年电影季十佳优秀导演奖2017-05-30

    Won the China Canada Dream filming young movie season ten best director award

    十佳优秀导演奖:范伟玮、姜联、梁昭钦、刘红彬、刘洪海、唐煌、杨伟、赵雁雷、文志峰、王晓杰。(Top Ten Outstanding Directors Award: Fan Wei Wei, Jiang Lian, Liang Zhaoqin, Liu Hongbin, Liu Honghai, Tang Huang, Yang Wei, Zhao Yanlei, Wen Zhifeng, Wang Xiaojie.)腾讯娱乐

  • 监制并客串微电影《漆黑》2017-04-07

    Producer and guest micro-film "dark"

    主人公张峰来自一个普通的农村家庭,村里唯一的大学生。上了大学后被舍友瞧不起 ,他很难过心里很不舒服 自尊心受损 。偶尔机会初识借贷 ,内心忐忑的借了几千块钱,然后伪装家境富裕 请同学们花天酒地。 随之而来,越来越多的追捧者向他灌输创业思想 ,要张峰出大头 一起创业 。张峰因自尊心同意了这个提议 ,于是想办法又接触到了 小额贷款,利息要比原来大很多 。大家一起创业,刚开始井井有条也接到些单子 让张峰尝到了甜头 。他每月也能还上贷款,但是好景不长。现实的残酷让他们经营的公司很快面临到接不到单子 ,每月平摊下来不到几百块 ,张峰的压力越来越大 。张峰面对越来越大的压力开始埋怨周围人周围人慢慢疏远淡出 ,公司解散 ,张峰的贷款彻底还不上。他从有希望变成堕落无望 ,催债公司打电话给他 催债公司找到他暴打一顿 ,各式各样事情让张峰压的心里崩溃想要跳楼。(The protagonist Zhang Feng from an ordinary rural families, the only college students. After being on campus, he was looked down upon by his roommate and he was saddened to feel uncomfortable and impaired. Occasionally acquainted with the opportunity to borrow money, hesitate to borrow thousands of dollars, and then disguised family wealthy students to spend days of wine. Followed by more and more followers to instill entrepreneurial ideas to him, to be the largest entrepreneur Zhangfeng. Zhang Feng agreed with the proposal because of his self-esteem, so find a way to come into contact with the small loans, the interest is much larger than the original. We start a business, just the beginning of the order also received Zhang Feng to taste the sweetness. He can pay back the loan every month, but it does not last long. The brutal reality that they run the company will soon be faced with less than a single list, less than a few hundred monthly flat down, Zhang Feng's pressure is increasing. Faced with increasing pressure on Zhang Feng began to complain about the people around them slowly alienated fade out, the dissolution of the company, Zhang Feng loans completely not on. He turned hopeless into hopelessness, reminder company called him to raise his debt to find him beaten, a variety of things to make the collapse of Zhang Feng's heart want to jump off.)优酷#《漆黑》#

  • 微电影《次元的梦》担任制片主任并客串2017-03-08

    Micro-film "dreams of the sub-unit" as production director and guest

    《次元的梦》是由170多名小伙伴报名陆续参与亲自策划和制作,本片以真实生活中的初三女生为原型,用现实与梦境的手法讲述新人入圈并坚持爱好的故事,这是CDF社发起的二次元公益活动,呼吁小伙伴坚持梦想,不忘初心。(Dreams of the Subdivision is composed of more than 170 young people enrolled in one after another to participate in the planning and production in person. The film takes the third-year girls in real life as the prototype, tells the story of the new entrant and the hobby by using the reality and the dream way Is a CDF community initiated two yuan public welfare activities, called on small partners adhere to their dreams, did not forget the beginning.)搜狐#《次元的梦》#

  • 签署合作协议2017-03-2

    Sign cooperation agreement

    2017年,姜联先生与华数传媒集团签署战略合作协议,共同推动互联网影视大发展。(In 2017, Mr. Jiang Lian and China Media Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the development of Internet video.)华数TV

  • 多部影视作品担任监制、发行人及出品人2017-01-01

    A number of film and television works as producer, publisher and producer

    担任多部电影,纪录片,网络剧的监制、发行人及出品人。《飞鸿囧传》、《次元的梦》、《漆黑》、《迁徙者》、《斗魂之熊孩子》、(As a number of films, documentaries, network drama producer, publisher and producer. "Fei Hong 囧 biography", "Dream of the times", "dark", "migrant", "loyal soul", "soul of the bear child", "jade butterfly")《飞鸿囧传》《次元的梦》《漆黑》《迁徙者》《斗魂之熊孩子》


  • 担任中国影视娱乐新媒体中心主任2016-08-08

    As China's film and television entertainment, director of the center for new media

    《中国影视娱乐》将完全贯彻执行响应习总书记在全国文艺座谈会上的讲话精神、为实现电影强国的伟大梦想、为实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦。立足影视文化产业,涵盖传媒产业,力求以最权威、最专业、最快捷的方式,报道国内外有关影视文化产业的信息、政策、法律和行业动态,突出权威性、指导性、时效性、创新性和服务性。全面准确的对国内外影视剧制作信息及分析、电影电视剧市场排行榜发布、影视剧的制作营销动态及其特点解读,联合国际专业媒体互动合作,共同为中国影视文化娱乐产业贡献一份力量。("Chinese film and television entertainment" will be fully implemented in response to the general secretary of the National Forum on the spirit of the speech, in order to achieve the great dream of film power, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream. Based on the film and television industry, including the media industry, and strive to the most authoritative and professional, the most efficient way to report relevant domestic and foreign film and television industry information, policy, law and industry dynamics, highlighting the authority and guidance, timeliness, innovation and service. Comprehensive and accurate to the domestic and foreign TV drama production and marketing information analysis, and dynamic characteristics of making the interpretation of the film TV market ranking, TV drama, interactive joint international professional media cooperation, together for the Chinese film culture and entertainment industry to contribute.)中国影视娱乐新闻中心官网

  • 担任电影《斗魂之熊孩子》联合制片人2016-05-10

    The joint producer of the film "the bear kid"

    《斗魂之熊孩子》以一个8岁孩子的视角讲述一位80后单身辣妈与熊孩子之间发生的有趣故事,用极具生活气息的轻喜剧方式探讨了单身妈妈、离异家庭等严肃话题,以帮助广大中小学生形成正确的人生观、世界观,帮助他们健康成长。("Fight the spirit bear children" tell interesting stories happened between a single 80 hot mom and bear children in the perspective of an eight year old child, very life breath of light comedies of single mothers and divorced family serious topics, to help the majority of the students to form the correct outlook on life, world outlook, to help them grow up healthily.)国家新闻出版广电总局电影拍摄制作备案公示表

  • 南方日报特邀嘉宾2016-05-07

    Nanfang Daily special guest

    南方报业集团南方微电影栏目邀请作为【微访谈《文影青春》】主题为《文影青春》,围绕“网络文学与电影”话题开展的新浪微访谈嘉宾。(South by South Newspaper Group invited as micro-film section [micro-interview "Wen Movies youth"] entitled "Wen Movies Youth" around the "network literature and the film" topic undertaken Sina interview guests)#南方微电影之网络文学与电影#

  • 电影《爱情公关师》2016-03-08

    The movie "love public relations division"

    2016年导演互联网新媒体大电影《爱情公关师》获中共绵阳市委宣传部、绵阳市文化广电新闻出版局、绵阳市公安局、绵阳市旅游局等多部门联合支持(2016 director of the Internet new media big movie love public relations division, the CPC Mianyang Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Mianyang Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and television news, Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Mianyang Municipal Bureau of tourism and other joint support)搜狐娱乐报道

  • 签署合作协议2016-03-28

    Sign cooperation agreement

    2016年03月28日,姜联先生与爱奇艺四川(四川屏行科技有限公司)签署战略合作协议(In 2016 03 month 28 days, combined with Iqiyi Sichuan Mr. Jiang (Sichuan screen for Technology Co. Ltd.) signed a strategic cooperation agreement)爱奇艺四川

  • 姜联导演工作室官网开通2016-04-17

    Jiang Lian director studio official website opened

    姜联导演工作室开通官方网站,已经正式上线,姜联先生也被媒体誉为“微电影协会”第一人。(Jiang Lian director of the opening of the official website, has been formally launched, Mr. Jiang has also been hailed as the media's Micro Film Association, the first person.)搜狐娱乐报道腾讯快报报道今日头条报道百度百家报道凤凰网报道


  • 版权创作2015-02-26

    Copyright creation

    创作摄制电影方法《视觉冲击摄制电影方法》通过国家版权局认可(Creation of the film method "visual impact of the film method" by the State Copyright Bureau recognized)百度百科、提出“微电影+”微电影行业新概念(Put forward the new concept of "micro film +" micro film industry)百度百科

  • 视频制作人2015

    video producer

    微电影《弯路》担任监制(Micro film "detour" as producer)制作特辑在线观看、微电影《兰残花》担任艺术顾问(Micro film "blue flowers" as artistic consultant)

  • 签署合作协议2015-06-01

    Sign cooperation agreement

    2015年06月1日,姜联先生与优酷网(上海全土豆网络科技有限公司)签署战略合作协议(2015 06, 1, Mr. Jiang and Youku (Shanghai all potato network technology Co., Ltd.) signed a strategic cooperation agreement)优酷土豆集团


  • 视频认证空间2014-02-10

    Video authentication space

    2014年度加入搜狐视频56网自媒体出品人(2014 year to join the Sohu video 56 Network from the media producer)搜狐视频认证空间、腾讯视频邀请入驻腾讯视频V+认证平台导演联盟(Tencent video invited Tencent to be settled in the video V+ authentication platform director Alliance)腾讯视频认证空间

  • 视频制作人2014-05-10

    Video producer

    微电影《不保险的保险柜》担任制片人(Micro movie "no insurance" as producer)搜狐视频在线观看、网络剧《奇葩集中营》担任艺术顾问(Network drama "wonderful concentration camp" as an art consultant)腾讯视频在线观看


  • 315公益微电影2013-03-15

    315 charity micro film

    执导315公益微电影《胎》被绵阳日报等多家媒体报道18个小时点播率已达10.8万次荣获腾讯视频优秀原创作品周奖励二等奖腾讯新闻报道(Directed 315 public micro film "Mianyang daily" tire and other media reported 18 hours on demand rate has reached 108 thousand won the outstanding original video Tencent works week award two prize)搜狐视频在线观看

  • 喜剧防骗微电影2013-04-10

    Micro film comedy fangpian

    执导防骗系列喜剧微电影《淘》一周点击量超过百万(Directed fangpian comedy series micro film "Amoy" over a million hits a week)在线观看(爱奇艺、腾讯、华数)

  • 执导六集微视剧2013-06-15

    Six minute drama directed set

    执导绵阳律师协会、绵阳市司法局律师辩论赛微视剧《案》担任总导演(Director of Mianyang Lawyers Association, the Mianyang Municipal Bureau of justice lawyer debate "case" as the drama director) 在线观看(华数TV视频)

  • 电影《反恐特击》预演2013-10-23

    The movie "click" preview of anti-terrorism special

    执导《反恐特击》由绵阳市人民政府、绵阳市委宣传部、绵阳市公安局、绵阳微电影协会、绵阳市武警支队、绵阳市民航管理局、绵阳市卫生局、绵阳市环保局、绵阳市电力部门、95639部队、民航广汉飞行学院绵阳分院联合摄制的大型反恐电影联合预演(Directed "anti-terrorism special attack," Mianyang City People's government, Mianyang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Mianyang City Public Security Bureau, Mianyang micro Film Association, Mianyang City police detachment, Mianyang City, the civil aviation authority, Mianyang City Health Bureau, Mianyang City Environmental Protection Bureau, Mianyang City, the power sector and unit 95639, Guanghan flight of Mianyang Branch joint produced large terror film) 绵阳市政府新闻报道


  • 首部禁毒微电影2012-06-25

    The first anti drug micro film

    执导中国首部禁毒公益微电影《瘾》获绵阳市公安局政治部支持(Directed by China's first anti drug charity micro film addiction was supported by the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau of the )在线观看(爱奇艺、腾讯、华数)


  • 摄制电影电视剧2011

    Film and television drama

    参与摄制多部电影电视剧:《相爱十年》、《海岛乐园》、《城市激情》、《东成西就2011》、《青魇》(Participate in the production of many films and television shows: "ten years of love", "island paradise", "passion", "Dong Chengxi 2011", "green nightmare)剧组剧照百度图册


  • 腾讯视频2010

    Tencent video

    荣获腾讯视频2010年度达人最佳十大原创网剧导演(Won the Tencent video 2010 year up to the best ten original network drama director)腾讯新闻报道

  • 微电影协会2010

    Micro Film Association

    微电影元年,提出“微电影协会”概念并筹备创建绵阳微电影协会(Micro film first year, proposed the concept of the "micro Film Association" and the preparation of the Mianyang micro Film Association)搜狐新闻报道


  • 网络短片人气红人2009

    Web video director

    用手机拍摄制作上百个网络短片成为网络人气红人(Using cell phone to shoot hundreds of online video clips become popular director)


  • 中国原创导演联盟2008-08-08

    Chinese original director of alliance

    创办中国原创导演联盟集合千位优秀微电影导演(China's original director of the League set up a collection of thousands of outstanding micro film director)


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